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The Legalisation of Gambling in America and the Start of Being Able to Play Casino Games Online

Gambling was outlawed in America at the beginning of the 20th century. However, this ban didnít stand for too long and was once again classed as legal by 1931. However, the federal government was keen to not see an epidemic of gambling, so only legalised it in certain areas, including Nevada. Las Vegas was one of the very first cities in the country where it was actually legal to gamble.

The law remained unchanged for a long time, until in 1978, Atlantic City was added to the list of cities where gambling was allowed. Some other cities added their name to it, including Tunica Resorts, Biloxi, Mississippi and the Gulf Coast region.

About twelve years later, the first online casino was opened. As the internet grew, so did the opportunity to gamble online. The industry became bigger and bigger and online players were able to play regardless of where they were. No longer did they have to save up in order to be able to travel to a casino, since they could play as many casino games online as they wanted, without even leaving their sofa.

Where it will go from here is unclear, but as technology grows, so will the world of online casinos and online gambling.

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