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Five'll Get You Ten with Online Sports Betting

Are you still one of the many people under the erroneous impression that online better is illegal? Despite what many naysayers and conspiracy theorists tell you, online betting 100% legal for public consumption; providing it is taking place entirely over the world wide web. Although there are scores of federal laws on the books about betting in person, there is absolutely nothing the federal government can do about online betting.

Thanks to the information age, betting has never been safer, easier, and less likely to get to five to ten years in a government sponsored state penitentiary. Although certain states have passed laws regulating online bookie bonus for betting, they are rarely if ever enforced. When it comes to online sports betting, the action of taking the bet is at this point illegal, however, there is nothing on the books about placing a bet. Although taking online sports bets is illegal, online games are still one hundred percent legal, saving you many trips to the shady real life games  that are owned by few and coveted by many.

All in all, while the action of online betting is not against the law, there are many gray areas and loopholes that can be used against you. Heretofore, while the action of taking a sports bet online is currently against the law, placing a bet is 100% within the parameters of legality. Moreover, despite certain states placing laws on the books about online gambling, they are rarely if ever enforced, making any action taken against an online gambler a highly unlikely turn of events.

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