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How online bingo changed the gaming era?

Bingo is a well-known game. It is quite simple based on sheer luck or chance. People play bingo on various social events like birthday parties, kitty parties, get-together etc. It is a game played for fun and entertainment. The game is also played in pubs, casinos where a lot of money is involved.

Initially the game started as a lottery game in Italy and was known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia. From Italy the game spread its roots in to France in the 1700s. Later in the 1800s, the Germans also played a version of bingo. In 1920’s the game reached North America and was known as ‘beano’.

At a carnival at Atlanta ‘Beano’ was played when a travelling New York salesman, Edwin.S. Lowe loved this game and among the crowd someone accidentally shouted out ‘bingo’ instead of ‘beano’. From then on, Edwin adopted the name ‘bingo’ for the game. Eventually it was played to raise funds for the missionary by a catholic church in Pennsylvania. And from then on bingo became a popular event in all the churches and gained attraction of many people.

Today bingo has become very popular. The inception of the internet has made online bingo come a long way. Initially it began as a basic game, but through the internet, it has made a rapid growth.

In bingo halls there was a chance to miss out on a number, but those days are gone because now the software daubs the numbers automatically for you, where in you can sit and chat with you fellow roomies. Jackpots weren’t as massive and bonuses were unheard of. In today’s era, free games are like a goody bag which only few sites like New Look Bingo offer to its players.

Yes! You will get free games on the site where you can play for free without making any deposits. The site also has mobile bingo where you can play bingo on your mobile devices anywhere and anytime.

So hurry up, don’t waste your time, go to new look bingo.com today and enjoy the amazing games offered by them.

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