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Why Online Betting Is So Popular

Certain games go through periods of being hot and the latest must-play, before dropping off the face of the Earth let alone the download charts and never being heard of again until somebody brings out a “do you remember playing…” kind of question, usually in the pub. Gambling, however, is the kind of activity that is growing in popularity all the time and there is one major factor behind that - mobiles.

Smartphones and tablets, coupled with the increasing availability of free WiFi have enabled people to get their gaming in wherever they are, whenever they like with bingo comparison sites like Two Big Ladies giving the best deals from the biggest names and bookmakers offering all kinds of incentives for you to place your bet on your team this weekend.

Before we moved into the digital era as we know it today where everybody is using a smartphone or a tablet everywhere you look, the only ways you could gamble were in a bookmakers on the high street or in a casino, it was all dependent on your level of interest and how good you were at card games like poker or how lucky you were to have your numbers called out in the bingo hall.

Today, you can pick up a phone, download an app and place a bet or play a game when you take your coffee break at work, when you’re on your lunch break, when you’re on the train on the way home or once you’ve put the kids to bed and get a few minutes to yourself before you hit the hay.

With money-back offers and free bets when you sign up, the incentives are very appealing to anyone with an interest in gaming whether they’re beginners or experts. For example, you could sign up to an account with someone like William Hill, a UK-based bookmaker, and if you place a six-team accumulator on the football at the weekend with only one result letting you down, you get your stake back as a free bet.

You can deposit as much or as little as you like, play whenever you like, and whatever you like - what’s not to enjoy about online betting?


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