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How to Increase Your Luck When Gambling Online

It is believed that up to two thirds of all adults place at least one bet each year and over ten per cent of adults that use the Internet have gambled online. It’s a popular pastime that can be used for entertainment or as a way of trying to earn some money on the Internet. If you’re one of the many adults that play online gambling games such as the lottery or poker you might want to help increase your luck. The luckier you are the more you will win, right? Check out these luck generating tips below and see if they are able to lead you to a big win.

Carrying Something Lucky on Your Person
Many of the superstitions surrounding luck for players in casinos and betting shops have found their way over to the online players too. One of these is to keep a lucky object on you each time you play a game. Some of the luckiest items are thought to be:

  • A four leaf clover (you just have to find it first!)
  • A lucky rabbit’s foot – these aren’t as popular as they once were but there are players that still have one attached to their key ring or in their pocket
  • A horse shoe – now this isn’t the most practical lucky charm but plenty of players believe it brings the luck needed for a win
  • Your own lucky charm – this could be anything from your winning pair of boxers to a necklace or something you’ve inherited

Following Traditions of Luck

Crossing fingers while playing could make all the difference between winning and losing. It doesn’t take much to do so you may as well use this one. It is also believed that blowing on the dice before they are rolled will make a difference but this is hard to recreate when you’re gambling from the comfort of your own home. You will need to blow on the screen and it might not have the same effect, but it’s worth a try.

Clothing can bring You Good Fortune

Wearing the colour red when you play the lottery at elite lotto uk or any other type of game will increase your chances of winning big. Some people believe the item of clothing needs to be underwear but others think anything will count, so long as it is red! Other people think individuals have their own lucky clothing, regardless of the colour.

Sitting Comfortably

Some people believe it is a good idea to make sure your desk top or your chair is neat and tidy before you begin to play. This is because they believe in Feng Shui, from ancient China. Tidy up, make sure you look smart and everything is in its place before you begin as organisation is key to success.

Deep down, most people know that superstitions are not real, but they decide to follow them anyway just to be on the safe side. If you’re new to online gambling of any kind or are on a losing streak perhaps it is time to try out one or two yourself. Who knows, your luck really could change.

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